No matter where she goes or who she knows/
She still belongs in my bed

Yep. Let’s ignore the ear-to-ear smuggy slander evasion and first-class douchebaggery of writing a song about taking Kim Kardashian’s virginity, let’s ignore that I have no love for the saga of KK’s love life anyway, and let’s think about how this lyric is actually pretty timeless?
Ray J probably didn’t intend it, but it’s a cool reminder that it’s an extremely recent thing in civilization to think that a woman doesn’t belong to the first guy she had sex with.

There’s still non-contested bride-napping in rural parts of Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, and there’s the mentality. Sort of? Isn’t that what he’s saying, conquer and own? HYPER HYMEN CONTRACTS? RAP TAP SAP? FEMINIST MANIFESTO SPURRED FROM RAY J’S ILL-CONCEIVED STUNT. 

In Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Tess is seduced/raped by her cousin Alec (it’s purposefully unclear which, but either way she was hella victimized). Everything sucks for her until she falls in love and marries this SEEMINGLY nice and forward-thinking guy named Angel. Everything’s great until she tells him she’s not a virgin, and he does a total 180 and rejects her. It’s society, it’s the late 1800s! He tells her she may be his by law, but she’s actually married to Alec. He leaves her, and she’s forced to become the mistress of the cousin who raped her. Angel eventually comes back, and realizes he was a dick, but too late. By that point everything is fucked and these two guys have ruined the life of a really awesome girl because sex. 

I mean, keeping shit in perspective, Kim Kardashian isn’t awesome and she is going to be alright. But this is humiliating and sad and funny all the same. It’s just weird that it says it we’ve evolved, maybe.
I lol’ed, then I manifesto’ed.